The first beer trail in the Foothills of the Eagle Mountains

Czech name První podorlická pivní stezka
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Rychnov nad Kněžnou
GPS 50°10'19"N 16°16'44"E (xx km)

The educational beer trail in the Eagle Mountains familiarises hikers and cyclists with the beautiful surroundings of the city of Rychnov nad Kněžnou in the section of the resort Studánka through the forest park Včelný and Panská Habrova to the Municipal Podorlicky Brewery. It will acquaint you with the incredible history of both significant Rychnov locations, local beer-brewing traditions, legends and stories emblazoned by Včelný Forest, with fauna, flora, natural and geological conditions.

Category educational trail
  • The first beer trail in the Foothills of the Eagle Mountains. - education trail (4.2 km)
    Information on altitude: start - 323 m, end - 406 m (maximum), ascended - 180 m, descended - 104 m, minimum - 319 m